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    Aerospace The whole solution; design, prototype, production and test
  • Automotive

    Automotive The latest in laser welding technology
  • Electronics

    Electronics The whole solution; design, prototype, production and test
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    Energy Masters of laser welding technology
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    Medical Masters of laser welding technology
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    Motorsport The latest in laser welding technology

Specialist LASER Welding to ISO9001/2008.

Carrs Welding is synonymous with the ultimate in quality laser welding.
When you need:

  • Pinpoint accuracy
  • Low energy/heat input
  • Low or no distortion
  • Welding in proximity of heat sensitive components or electronics
  • Welding of dissimilar metals or dissimilar thicknesses
  • Minimal or no refinishing

Carrs have the technology and production experience to guide you.

We provide laser welding services to the aerospace, medical, automotive and leisure industries and many specialist engineering companies. Our services include:

  • Robotic and manual laser production welding
  • Laser welds to titanium, stainless and high carbon steels, copper, aluminium and high grade nickel alloys
  • Precision welding of finished components and assemblies (even incorporating electronics)
  • Laser welding design trials and procedures, prototypes and pre-production
  • Laser clad repairs to moulds, tools, guns, cycles and other high value items
  • Testing, macro/micro analysis and laboratory reports

Right first time and to ISO9001/2008 UKAS. AS9100 Aerospace certification - first assessment August 2013. AS9100 first approval January 2014, second year certification January 2015. Nadcap approval is our medium term target.


Laser welding is a proper fused weld but with low heat, so repairs on delicate metal items are easily performed.

Bespoke Solutions

Carrs knowledge of engineering and science position us perfectly to solve your manufacturing problems. Carrs weld many assemblies that often have delicate and heat sensitive electronics inside.


A Global Service

Carrs weld assemblies from the USA, Europe and India as well as numerous components for aircraft, so Carrs have truly global reach.